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June 1, 2017


Book news:

Muffy Wilson has a new story out in the collection Dark Desires, Full of Bad Boys, Bikers, Millionaire and More.  Please visit her website for more information and the latest deals.  The other boxed set of stories from multiple authors, Prowlers and Growlers is, of course, still available.

Lastly, book-wise, I’ve been rewriting a sequel to The Doctor’s Daughter.  I have a sequel posted on Literotica, but The Doctor’s Daughters take place immediately after the first book.  Despite the seeming good fortune of Lawrence and Abigail’s newfound love, can they still find a life together when her father and his commander both seem determined to keep them apart?  In addition, a murderous spy stalks the Niagara Peninsula, and Lawrence must uncover the man’s identity before he kills again or passes critical information to the Americans.  Does the spy have Abigail in his sights?

I've finished the final edit and selected a cover.  Now I just have to format for ebook publication and it'll soon be for sale at a very reasonable price.

Currently reading:

Well, I completed reading the April/May issue of Canada's History.  Somehow, I found the time to read two issues of Canadian Geographic and a Planetary Report, as well!  I seem to be almost caught up in my magazine reading...and more issues will be arriving soon.

And now, on to the blahg:

There are an amazing number of websites on the internet, and I decided to mention a few of my personal favourites - as strange as they are.

At the beginning of each month the Unmuseum website is updated.  I find it an interesting read, and it is filled with interesting articles about science and the supernatural.  The author seems to be quite a practical person and writes articles about the supernatural in a respectful but pragmatic manner.

Another entertaining website isListverse.  Every day, three of four new lists appear on the website and they tend to cover quite a diverse range of subjects.  The comments accompanying the articles can be quite entertaining too.

Having children, I've introduced them to the Bill Nye the Science Guy channel on Youtube.  They actually show some of the episodes - or portions of - at school.  Although dated, the show is still accurate and relevant, and I find it generally stimulates a good conversation.

Also on Youtube is thePhysicsGirl channel.  This young woman manages to explain aspects of science in an entertaining and enthusiastic way.  Of course, if you do a quick check on her credentials you realize that she's much smarter than most of the rest of us.  I've found that my daughter loves watching these videos with me.  The Crazy Pool Vortex video is just amazing!

Lastly, I've been a member of the Planetary Society for quite a few years, having joined it long before I even met my wife.  I should note that she, also, has an interest in space exploration.  The website can be a little daunting, however the links are full of fascinating information such as a complete list of exoplanets and their characteristics.  I highly recommend the Random Space Facts videos for those who know little about astronomy but would like to learn more in an entertaining way.



Chris Kalyta

June 1, 2017