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February 3, 2018


Book news:

Muffy Wilson still has some promotions going on from what I hear.  This is for two collections available with the Kindle from Amazon: Rapid Pulse and Cimmerian Shade.  See her website for further information.


Blak Rayne has a new ebook out and it's called Embrace the Reaper.  It is book 5 in her Reaper series.

Blurb: Once captured inside the Golden Valley Amusement Park, Zeus and Brody are taken to the End Life facility, where both undergo a battery of tests. Zeus is repeatedly assaulted, tortured, and demoralized, forced to experience what Brody had to endure during his time in Doctor Günter’s care; gradually his perspective changes. Killing just might be the answer. Killing might set him free.

Excerpt: “What a brave soul. Earnest will rip him to shreds.” Günter stood in the middle of the blood, a dealer of antiquities admiring his collection of priceless objects. “See, I told you. You have no qualms when it comes to facing any threat.” He pointed an accusatory finger at Brody. “That whore owns you.”

Brody slowly lifted his gaze.

“Don’t bother denying it. What happened to that fire inside of you? It used to burn so brightly. It’s as if you’re a different person. Distant.” Günter sighed, slapping his palms on the tabletop. “Keep ignoring me, and I’ll castrate him, so he’ll never experience another orgasm again.”

“What would you have me say?” Brody asked evenly, clenching his jaw.

“I want you to obey only me!”

He turned to the older man. “Release him, and I promise to stay.”

“What do you take me for? I know you’d do anything for him. It’s apparent by your actions that you feel for him.”

“I’m incapable.”

“No. You’re not.” Günter shook his head. “I never thought you’d betray me,” he said bitterly. “But that whore has awakened something in you…something I never could.”

“Please, David, release me.”

“Earnest is frothing at the mouth. All you did was antagonize him. You should’ve killed him when you had the opportunity.”

“Zeus comes first. I had to protect him.”

“God, it’s sickening how you go on and on about him. You’re obsessed.”

Brody watched Günter pace the room with hands loosely clasped at his lower back, and his own thoughts were tugged away by the darkness. He’d told Zeus once: Needs must when the devil drives. He knew the only way to get out of the room was to verbally prostrate himself. So he set aside the one sentiment that fueled his wrath. Brusquely, he approached the older man, grasped either side of his face, and searched his pale irises, easing into a kiss. “I promise I will make you my bitch. However, I must kill them first. A clean slate. It’s the only way.”

Günter stared at his mouth, acknowledging the affection with a grunt.

Brody reached behind the man’s back, confiscating the gun. “Tell me to do it,” he goaded quietly against his lips. “Tell me to fuck them up.”

“God, do you know how hard I am right now?”

It was simple to detect Günter’s excitement. All he had to do was get close enough, allow his senses to absorb the data, then his computer like brain would analyze it: raspy, agitated breathing, dilated pupils, skin radiating pheromone infused heat, and a rosy complexion. The doctor was a sexually frustrated mess. If it were Zeus panting and all feverish, Brody would have fucked him right there on the table. But the older man did nothing to rouse his libido.

“I know.” He breathed hot on the doctor’s Adam’s apple, and Günter swallowed. Then he took the torment a bit further. He spread the doctor’s thighs with his knee, nudging his swollen crotch, and the man landed on the edge of the table, sliding the piece of furniture with his weight.

“Don’t tease,” Günter groaned, eyelids fluttering.

“Say it.”

“F-Fuck them up,” Günter urged with the eagerness of a child.

Sliding the bullet chamber, Brody let him go and grinned. “Everyone will die.”

“So long as it’s you, my sweet, I don’t care.”

The Fall of York and Niagara Campaign (working title) are two other Doctor's Daughter books that have yet to be published.  The Fall of York involves the American invasion of York (now Toronto) during the War of 1812, and the dangers for the inhabitants as the invaders move through the town, burning and pillaging.  It is on a final edit before publication.  The Niagara Campaign, takes place a few months afterward as the American conquer the Niagara Peninsula.  With the retreat of the English army the Upper Canadian inhabitants are left to fend for themselves against the victorious conquerors.  This story requires a few more edits.

I am also re-editing my Minx series for ebook publication.  Minx is an interstellar bounty hunter who gets into all sorts of sex-filled, perilous adventures.  It's space opera, and was originally intended to be written as serials, much like were seen in the movies fifty or more years ago.  But with sex of course.



I haven't had much time to update this website lately, though I'm still working on some stories when I can find the time.  Hopefully, I'll do a more formal update at the beginning of March.

Currently reading:

I just finished reading the latest (one of the latest) Canada's History magazines.  It had a great article about Dieppe, among others.

And now, on to the blahg:


My daughter urged me to write a blog about Hallowe'en, and here it is.

Will Hallowe'en still be around in twenty years?

I think it will.  Troublemakers stealing candy from younger kids or spiking candy then handing it out to the unsuspecting have been around since before I was a child.  They're still loose.  Yet, the kids eagerly await that special night when they can dress up in a costume and wander around the neighbourhood demanding candy from friends, neighbours, and barely-acquaintances.

It's just too much fun for the kids!  And some of the adults too, I suppose, though I'm not one to dress up.  I do still have that plan for the balcony one year - the one with a paper mache monster arm that will swing down to grab at the older kids coming to my door.

Sure there is a ton of teeth-rotting sweets to hand out and collect.  However, it really isn't the candy that makes the kids go out every October 31st.  Treats are everywhere.  It's the event.  The whole thing is ludicrous, and the children understand that perfectly.

Oh, sure, the youngest don't have a clue.  Two and three year olds try to push their way in each and every time a someone opens a door in front of them.  They're exploring.  To them, the night is all about wandering in the dark and doing things they've not quite been allowed to do before.

For the teens and pre-teens it's about silliness.  Who can get the bigger haul?  Is my costume better than yours?  Did my costume take less effort than yours?  Can we trick grown-ups into handing us candy if I just carry around this pillowcase and don't wear a costume?

But for the children it's a magical night.  Each year they push themselves further.  Not to fill their bags more and increase the chance of back strain for their parents.  No!  It's last year I did four blocks and this year I'm doing eight!  And as they grow even older, it becomes "I'm going round with my friends" and you, as the parent, become background, shuffling along after the kids and wondering when they're going to grow tired of the nonsense that is Hallowe'en.

Yet, for all that, it goes on year after year.

Sure, some neighbourhoods become ghost towns (pun intended) over the years.  Children grow up.  Few new families move in.  And you sit at your door wondering why you bought four boxes of candies if none of the ungrateful little ingrates were even going to come down your street.  Yet, other neighbourhoods go from silence on Hallowe'en night to laugh-filled streets packed with kids as time goes by.  Demographics shift.

My area has a nice mix of little ones, excited children, confident pre-teens, greedy teens and the odd group of older teens "letting their hair down".  I tend to take the kids out while the wife stays at home and hands out the treats.  My son usually packs it in mid-way through Hallowe'en so he can help hand out candy to other kids.  My daughter gets more serious about how many streets she's going to as the evening wears on.

And we almost always run out just about the time the last of the kids come around.

Put out your jack'o'lanterns.  Turn on the porchlight.  Keep your door unlocked, with a big bowl of treats nearby.  Then spend a few hours wondering if you can catch five more minutes of that show you're watching between the shouts at your door.

Happy Hallowe'en.

Monster Mash.  One I remember fondly from a Wacky Weirdos record.

Crazy Party Night.  My daughter enjoys Kyari Pamyu Pamyu ever since she saw Sing (specifically : the red panda singing group in that movie).


Chris Kalyta

February 3, 2018