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October 2, 2017


Book news:

Blak Rayne has a new ebook out and it's called Embrace the Reaper.  It is book 5 in her Reaper series.

Blurb: Once captured inside the Golden Valley Amusement Park, Zeus and Brody are taken to the End Life facility, where both undergo a battery of tests. Zeus is repeatedly assaulted, tortured, and demoralized, forced to experience what Brody had to endure during his time in Doctor Günter’s care; gradually his perspective changes. Killing just might be the answer. Killing might set him free.

Excerpt: “What a brave soul. Earnest will rip him to shreds.” Günter stood in the middle of the blood, a dealer of antiquities admiring his collection of priceless objects. “See, I told you. You have no qualms when it comes to facing any threat.” He pointed an accusatory finger at Brody. “That whore owns you.”

Brody slowly lifted his gaze.

“Don’t bother denying it. What happened to that fire inside of you? It used to burn so brightly. It’s as if you’re a different person. Distant.” Günter sighed, slapping his palms on the tabletop. “Keep ignoring me, and I’ll castrate him, so he’ll never experience another orgasm again.”

“What would you have me say?” Brody asked evenly, clenching his jaw.

“I want you to obey only me!”

He turned to the older man. “Release him, and I promise to stay.”

“What do you take me for? I know you’d do anything for him. It’s apparent by your actions that you feel for him.”

“I’m incapable.”

“No. You’re not.” Günter shook his head. “I never thought you’d betray me,” he said bitterly. “But that whore has awakened something in you…something I never could.”

“Please, David, release me.”

“Earnest is frothing at the mouth. All you did was antagonize him. You should’ve killed him when you had the opportunity.”

“Zeus comes first. I had to protect him.”

“God, it’s sickening how you go on and on about him. You’re obsessed.”

Brody watched Günter pace the room with hands loosely clasped at his lower back, and his own thoughts were tugged away by the darkness. He’d told Zeus once: Needs must when the devil drives. He knew the only way to get out of the room was to verbally prostrate himself. So he set aside the one sentiment that fueled his wrath. Brusquely, he approached the older man, grasped either side of his face, and searched his pale irises, easing into a kiss. “I promise I will make you my bitch. However, I must kill them first. A clean slate. It’s the only way.”

Günter stared at his mouth, acknowledging the affection with a grunt.

Brody reached behind the man’s back, confiscating the gun. “Tell me to do it,” he goaded quietly against his lips. “Tell me to fuck them up.”

“God, do you know how hard I am right now?”

It was simple to detect Günter’s excitement. All he had to do was get close enough, allow his senses to absorb the data, then his computer like brain would analyze it: raspy, agitated breathing, dilated pupils, skin radiating pheromone infused heat, and a rosy complexion. The doctor was a sexually frustrated mess. If it were Zeus panting and all feverish, Brody would have fucked him right there on the table. But the older man did nothing to rouse his libido.

“I know.” He breathed hot on the doctor’s Adam’s apple, and Günter swallowed. Then he took the torment a bit further. He spread the doctor’s thighs with his knee, nudging his swollen crotch, and the man landed on the edge of the table, sliding the piece of furniture with his weight.

“Don’t tease,” Günter groaned, eyelids fluttering.

“Say it.”

“F-Fuck them up,” Günter urged with the eagerness of a child.

Sliding the bullet chamber, Brody let him go and grinned. “Everyone will die.”

“So long as it’s you, my sweet, I don’t care.”

The Fall of York and Niagara Campaign (working title) are two other Doctor's Daughter books that have yet to be published.  The Fall of York involves the American invasion of York (now Toronto) during the War of 1812, and the dangers for the inhabitants as the invaders move through the town, burning and pillaging.  It is on a final edit before publication.  The Niagara Campaign, takes place a few months afterward as the American conquer the Niagara Peninsula.  With the retreat of the English army the Upper Canadian inhabitants are left to fend for themselves against the victorious conquerors.  This story requires a few more edits.

I am also re-editing my Minx series for ebook publication.  Minx is an interstellar bounty hunter who gets into all sorts of sex-filled, perilous adventures.  It's space opera, and was originally intended to be written as serials, much like were seen in the movies fifty or more years ago.  But with sex of course.

Currently reading:

I'm still reading through the 1950s and 1960s science fiction books I picked up in a used book store.  And I'm slowly getting through my monthly magazines, such as The Planetary Report, Canadian Geographic and Canada's History Magazine.

And now, on to the blahg:

As someone who used to read a lot of comic books when I was much younger, I have a fascination for the superhero movies.  I thought I'd rate and describe some, at least to the best of my memory.

Wonder Woman was pretty good.  I'd give it a 7 out of 10.  I did expect more from it, but the writing and acting were sufficient to make it an enjoyable watching.  Gal Gadot made a good Wonder Woman.  It was a little predictable and the plot wasn't as complex as I'd expected, however it was an origin story and the director did a decent job of making the characters sympathetic.

Suicide Squad.  Well, it obviously could have been a lot better.  Harley Quinn was enjoyable to watch, and the actress did a good job of portraying her.  However, the rest of the characters were uninteresting.  I was actually rooting for the villain to win.  5 out of 10.

Deadpool was excellent.  Certainly a movie for adult viewers, and I'd give it a 8 or 9 out of 10.  There's a lot of blood, killing and swearing, but it has a good plot and good acting, too.

Batman v Superman.  4 or 5 out of 10.  These dark movies are just not working out for DC, and that's all this movie seems to be.  There were so many weak plotlines that it was difficult to follow simply because the viewer doesn't really care about any of the characters.

Age of Ultron.  6 out of 10.  Not nearly as good as the first Avengers movie, there seemed to be too many character subplots to really get involved in the main plot.  Ultron was fun, as a villain, but had so much more potential.

Iron Man III.  Ugh.  4 out of 10.  Why put the Mandarin in a movie if he's not going to be the Mandarin, criminal mastermind with high-tech weaponry?  There was too much time spent on Tony Stark's foibles and not enough on character development for others.

The Winter Soldier.  8 out of 10.  Good movie, with great acting and a great plot.  Certainly not your typical superhero movie.

I'll probably come up with a more comprehensive list in the future, when I have more time.  For now, I would like to add that if you're watching any superhero movies then beware!  Studios like to cash in and release multiple sequels, and it is so rare that the second or third move in a franchise is anywhere as good as the first one.

Both series of Batman movies are good examples of this, as is Iron Man and Spiderman.

Chris Kalyta

October 2, 2017