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July 1, 2017


Book news:

Muffy Wilson has a new story out in the collection Dark Desires, Full of Bad Boys, Bikers, Millionaire and More.  Please visit her website for more information and the latest deals.  The other boxed set of stories from multiple authors, Prowlers and Growlers is, of course, still available.

Blak Rayne has a new book out in her Reaper Series titled Apprentice Killers.  Below is a description of the book.

When Brody receives a cryptic message from the newest of the Snuff program inductees, his memories are stirred. People and places, he hadn’t thought about in years awaken the most dormant of his emotions, and the present becomes blurred with the past. Not wanting to risk the life of the only person he cares about, he leaves Zeus behind to fight the pharmaceutical giant, for what he believes will be the last time.

Lastly, book-wise, I’ve been rewriting a sequel to The Doctor’s Daughter.  I have a sequel posted on Literotica, but The Doctor’s Daughters take place immediately after the first book.  Despite the seeming good fortune of Lawrence and Abigail’s newfound love, can they still find a life together when her father and his commander both seem determined to keep them apart?  In addition, a murderous spy stalks the Niagara Peninsula, and Lawrence must uncover the man’s identity before he kills again or passes critical information to the Americans.  Does the spy have Abigail in his sights?

It's available on Smashwords now, and will soon be up for sale on Amazon and other ebook websites.

Currently reading:

I'm slowly making my way through the latest issue of Canada's History Magazine, containing a series of essays on big questions of Canada.  It's tough getting through, but the individual essays are interesting - an unusual combination, I know.  I reread Terry Pratchett's Equal Rites recently.  A good Discworld novel is an entertaining read, and there are so many of them that you can go through them again and again.  I've just started rereading Norman Spinrad's Iron Dream - a book where the author has imagined what would a science fiction story written by Adolf Hitler (failed political leader from an alternate history) have been like?

And now, on to the blahg:

Canada turns 150 years old July 1st.

Well, the nation has been through one hundred and fifty years since confederation.  People have been here a lot longer than that.  A lot longer, and if you believe some recent archaeological evidence it might even have been twenty or thirty thousand years longer.

I love my country and think it's the greatest country the world has ever seen.  Hopefully, most people share that feeling with respect to their own nations.

However, we're not perfect.  No nation, or people, is.

We still have yet to fully face up to what was done with the indigenous peoples, and has continued to be inflicted upon them.  Our mostly-free health care doesn't do all that it should.  The education of some children is still based upon their family's financial situation.  Some Quebecers whisper about separation now and again.  Our environment is being polluted.  Fish stocks are declining or have already been depleted.  Forests are being cleared.  Politicians seem more detached from the common people than they ever were.  Crime and terrorism appear to be everyday things, now.

Yet, the world is a better place.  Canada is, too.

Many of us of mostly-European stock have faced up to what terrible things were done to the First Nations.  There is a real interest in this country to fix some of the problems faced by indigenous peoples, and a recognition that sometimes the problem is the rest of us.

Most people in this country od have health care and diseases are being wiped out while cures for others are being discovered.  Look at mortality and disease statistics from fifty or seventy years ago and try and tell me that conditions have not improved.

Children have opportunities now that were only dreamt of in past generations.  I was born in the 1960s, into a middle class family.  The limitations upon me are largely ones I have set for myself.  Yes, the rich have options the rest of us don't, but you don't have to be rich to work your way to the top.  Nor do you have to be a white male.  The ethnic and gender mix is evident in almost every profession.  While it may not always be completely fair, it is far better than it was and it is improving.

Much of the pollution that is found now has only been detected recently.  No-one was looking for PCBs or toxic metals in the environment decades ago.  Now we are and now we find them and limit their release into the natural world.  Our knowledge of what is toxic and how we deal with harmful chemicals is at its peak right now, and is only going to get better.

Fish stocks are being depleted, but at least we're doing something about it.  How many species have been lost forever because mankind had no idea it was sending something to extinction.  People study this now and protest when there are species at risk.

In fact, in almost every way you can look at life and measure our quality of life, things are better now than they were.

Our species continues to grow and learn every day.  Did you care about one hundred thousand people being killed in an earthquake in Pakistan forty years ago?  Now it's an international tragedy, and the pictures you see and the stories you read make you thankful it didn't happen to your loved ones.  We have empathy for our fellow humans who live on the other side of the world and have a culture so different from ours.  Knowledge flies around the world in a heartbeat, as does fake news, but knowledge is more powerful and will help humanity to become something better.

Canada has been a nation for one hundred and fifty years.  We understand there will people here for thousands of years prior to that, and we're beginning to learn more about them.  It's taken a long time, but humans are becoming a more-caring and more-curious species than we have ever been.



Chris Kalyta

July 1, 2017