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September 8, 2017


Book news:

Dariel Raye has another Orlosion Warriors book out.  It's called Outreach, and you can go to her website for more information, or look it up on Amazon or any other ebook seller's website.
  Muffy Wilson has quite a lot on the go lately.  She has stories in at least three collections: Shattered Worlds, Rapid Pulse, and Cimmerian Shade.  Each box set is a collection of erotic tales by a variety of authors and you should check out her website for more information (found on links page).   

Lastly, book-wise, I’ve been rewriting a sequel to The Doctor’s Daughter.  I have a sequel posted on Literotica, but The Doctor’s Daughters take place immediately after the first book.  Despite the seeming good fortune of Lawrence and Abigail’s newfound love, can they still find a life together when her father and his commander both seem determined to keep them apart?  In addition, a murderous spy stalks the Niagara Peninsula, and Lawrence must uncover the man’s identity before he kills again or passes critical information to the Americans.  Does the spy have Abigail in his sights?

It's available on Smashwords and Amazon now, and will soon be up for sale on other ebook websites.

The Fall of York and Niagara Campaign (working title) are two other Doctor's Daughter books that have yet to be published.  They are at various stages of completion.    

Currently reading:

I recently finished a couple of old science fiction books I picked up in a used bookstore in Georgetown, Ontario.  They weren't great, but I enjoyed them.  I just started The Planet Buyer by Cordwainer Smith.  I may have read it twenty or thirty years ago, but I'm not sure.

And now, on to the blahg:

No blahg this month.  I've been too busy with goings on in the family and extended family, and work has taken away what little additional time for myself I could find.  I should have something ready for next month.




Chris Kalyta

September 8, 2017