Chris Kalyta
adult stories of adventure and romance

Historical Romance, erotic
The Doctor's Daughter: Espionage
Barbara and William are courting while the War of 1812 continues.  Abigail and Lawrence have moved to York, and Barbara misses her sister's wisdom as much as William misses his best friend's companionship.  A spy is unmasked and William is shocked to find his beloved Barbara named as a Yankee collaborator.  Yet, as she sits imprisoned by the British she spurns him instead of accepting his help.  Is she a duplicitous spy for the Americans?  Is she a foolish girl caught up in some innocent mistakes?  Or is there something far more sinister going on?
Historical Romance, steampunk, erotic?
King of the Skies
A brilliant man, tired of enduring the foolhardiness of those around him in late nineteenth century America, builds an airship and sets out to remake the world as he sees fit.  A young man taken on at the last minute to help in the engine room proves to be very useful and soon develops a friendship with the master's daughter.  Is the young man sent to sabotage the mission?  Will the daughter help him if he is?  And what of the others on board?  How many of them will remain willing participants to military strikes against those confined to the ground?
Superhero (science fiction), erotic
A young woman with a mysterious past learns that she has super-human abilities, but will these new-found talents help her survive the alien menace that threatens her very life?   
Adventure, erotic
Mistress Circe's Corrals
Penelope, to soothe her furious boyfriend, agrees to get involved in some fairly risque business involving her parading around nude in some weird horse-like harness and gear.  Shortly thereafter she awakens to find she's been sold to a Mistress Circe and is now a sex slave/ponygirl!  At first she is indignant and certain that Roberto will come and rescue her, but as her training progresses she finds - much to her surprise - that she actually enjoys her new life and the friends she makes.  And when the mysteriously infuriating Mister Odysseus becomes involved with her she begins to wonder if her old life was really good enough for her.  That is, until the Russian mobsters get involved.

space opera, erotic
Minx in the Sphere, Paleozoic Era
Interplanetary bounty hunter Minx is still trapped with the sphere, an ancient and enormous space vessel teeming with Earth's prehistoric creatures.  Dragon has been captured by another hyperman named Mahar, and is likely to suffer horribly unless Minx rescues him.  Can she battle her way across the inside of this hollow world, rescue the hyperman who has been her lover, and put a stop to Mahar's plans?  What strange and dangerous animals await her in the final third of the Sphere?

Mystery, erotic or non-erotic (I haven't decided yet)
untitled, sequel to The Doctor's Daughter
As Lawrence Orr, former Captain in the British army, settles into his new career as a judge in Upper Canada he finds his choices less than appetizing.  True, his wife Abigail is loving and, as he readily admits, better than he deserves, but he dislikes sentencing those who conspired with the Americans now that the war has been over for two years.  The death of one such man who helped the Americans when they took York troubles him greatly, as it seems to mock a deed he committed and has since tried to forget.  One man after another is brought before him as the guilty party, yet Lawrence becomes convinced that each is the wrong man.  At last, Lawrence decides that he must investigate the matter for himself, no matter who much turmoil it stirs within him nor even if it brings scorn upon he and his wife for his own past actions.   
science fiction, erotic
A story set about one hundred years in the future, where a young woman is coerced into working for a casino to protect her no-good brother who has a gambling problem, and where a man has found some foolproof means of winning at gambling at that same establishment.  The story begins when she is ordered to seduce his gambling secrets from him.