August 2018

   Muffy Wilson has a new short story in the collection Rite to Reign.  Please see her website for more details.

   While I currently have a number of stories at some point in the creative process, the main one I've been working on lately is The Doctor's Daughter: Espionage.  It's set during during the War of 1812 as the other Doctor's Daughters stories are, however this one takes place largely in December of 1813.  Miss Barbara Aimes struggles to make her way in a land conquered by the Americans.  As Joseph Willcocks and his Canadian Volunteers sweep across the Niagara Peninsula, killing innocent Upper Canadians and pillaging their homes and farms, Barbara finds - to her horror - that Willcocks seeks to make her his wife.  When the English army finally returns to sweep the Americvan forces away, Barbara finds accusations of espionage thrown her way.  And, to make matters worse, Joseph Willcocks still pursues her!

This is where my monthly blog will go.  Expect it around the 1st of each month, or when I can set aside some time for it.

   I have recently read Catacombs by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.  It was an entertaining enough book, though I consider it "subway reading".

   I also finished reading The War of 1812 by Wesley B. Turner.  It's a fairly informative read on the war done in almost textbook-like style, though it's not a very thick book so it cannot be considered comprehensive.  Some details on the various people engaged in the war was quite interesting.

   I am currently rereading The House of Cthulhu - Tales from the Primal Land by Brian Lumley.  It's a series of stories of fantasy horror and adventure set in an antediluvial period and fitting in to Lumley's Cthulhu cycle of books.  I find it entertaining, and it's been years since I last opened it up.

   I started reading another book by Wesley B. Turner called British Generals in the War of 1812.  I made it through the preface and the introductions when I suddenly felt the urge to read some fantasy fiction, and that's why I picked Lumley's book up off my book shelves.

   August 2018