Published August of 2012
sort of a sequel to Holly's Winter

The Goblin Queen
It’s an erotic twist on the classic tale of beauty and the beast, or is it?
Amy was human until she willingly ate faerie food the year before and transformed into an elf.  Now she’s left her friends to discover just what it means to be one of these mythical and magical creatures.
Her journey through the wilds of northern Canada end up with her being captured by goblins, who seem only too happy to sacrifice her to their evil god.  Can she escape this fate?  Can she survive when she’s thrown into an alien world where deadly danger threatens her almost every second of the day?  
Amy must learn her own true nature if she is to protect those she cares about.  But how can she do that when her own humanity prevents her from embracing faerie magic?  18+  See Smashwords website or Yellow Silk Dreams.

Published in September of 2012
It's Christmas and Holly Bishop's always been the good girl.  She works hard, helps her friends and everyone agrees that she's one of the nicest people they've ever known.  But everything falls apart after she's sexually harassed at work.  She finds herself alone on Christmas Eve, emptying a bottle of wine and wondering what just happened to her perfect little world. That's when a lonely Santa Claus offers her a trip to the North Pole.  Should Holly stay at the top of the world and try to find love?  Holly's Winter is an erotic and romantic fantasy adventure where a young woman must learn to balance her friends' needs with her own.  18+  See Smashwords website.

March of 2013

The Doctor's Daughter

In 1812, Lieutenant Lawrence Orr is defending the Canadas from an American invasion.  Grievously injured, he finds himself falling for the two women tending him.  Will he choose the doctor's daughter, a beautiful and enthusiastic young woman who matches him socially?  Or will it be her thoughtful and lovely maid?  18+  See Smashwords website or Yellow Silk Dreams.

March of 2014
Monique was lonely and tending her family farm in France, while wondering if she would ever be able to leave and explore the world.  Captain Sean Hallowchuk was a Canadian Ace, a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War.  They are thrown together when he is shot down and his biplane falls into one of her fields; the woman who dreamed of escaping her boring life and the man who wanted nothing more than adventure.  Can the two find happiness while the insanity of World War I rages through Europe, or is fate itself set against them?  See Smashwords website.

January 2015, sort of a sequel to Holly's Winter
Love Potion
In this sweet fantasy/romance, Alexandra's social life is going nowhere, despite the efforts of her best friend.  So, when she finds a magic book in the University of Toronto library and it has instructions on how to make a love potion she jumps at the chance to spice up her life.  At last, that grad student she's had her eye on will look at her in exactly the way she wants him to.  After all, don't love potions always make things better? 18+  see Smashwords website.

January 2015
The Journal of Madeline Smythe
Madeline's diary details her life during the period when her doting and over-protective father removed her from safe and cultured Victorian England to the exotic and ancient land of Egypt.  While he and his associates search for the lost tomb of an early pharaoh, Madeline makes her own startling discoveries about the long-forgotten past as she passes in and out of that long-lost and mythological time, and who she is and what she wants from life.  See Smashwords website.

March 2015
Three Jewels
Imhotep's life is not as simple as it could be.  As Vizier to King Djoser, First King of the 3rd Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, Inhotep has many responsibilities and obligations.  So when he has to deal with the First Queen's declaration that he select a wife from one of three women, he is not overly troubled.  However, the announcement that the women he does not choose will be executed does make things more difficult.  And the schemes of the Second Queen put even more strain upon Imhotep.  When a supernatural and malevolent being, claiming to be the god Set, invades Egypt can Imhotep set all other matters aside and deal with this new seemingly invincible threat?  Three Jewels is an erotic fantasy-adventure set around the year 3600 B.C.  18+  See Smashwords and Yellow Silk Dreams websites.

April 2015, sequel to Three Jewels
Diamond in the Rough
In this retelling of the Cinderella story set around 3600 B.C., timid Issamun must cast off her life as a slave if she is to help stop the resurrection of an ancient evil that threatens all of Egypt - and possibly the world.  As the family that owns her plans to use the supernatural might of the fallen Set to overthrow the Pharaoh, Issamun must discover who she is, what she seeks in life, and whether she would be wise to aid the brave warrior who has come alone to put down the schemes of her masters.  Is it possible to resist the soul-numbing power of Set if he does re-awaken?  Is it possible to kill a god?  And what horrors will Issamun have to endure to save those whom she cares for?  This erotic fantasy-adventure takes the reader back to a time when mankind was just beginning to carve out civilization from the wild and unfathomable chaos that was the world.  The world of Diamond in the Rough is one of magic and mythology, of semi-civilized ancients and cruel barbarians.  This tale is a sequel to Three Jewels.  18+  See Smashwords website.

June 2017, sequel to The Doctor's Daughter
The Doctor's Daughters
The War of 1812 has cooled off, however Captain Lawrence Orr and Miss Abigail Aimes have new problems.  Abigail's father is determined that Lawrence has no future and is not deserving of his eldest daughter, and has forbidden the two to even speak much less wed. While Doctor Aimes has another suitor lined up for Abigail, the flirtatious Barbara Aimes is set on bringing her sister and the man that she, too, loves together.  And, while this drama plays out, a sinister figure lurks nearby and spies for the Americans, in preparation for another invasion of Upper Canada.  Can Captain Orr discover the spy before he kills again?  Can Abigail and Captain Orr find a way to overcome her father's prejudices? Or will the spy add Abigail to his list of victims and then lead the Americans across the Niagara River and to victory?  This sequel to The Doctor's Daughter is an adult adventure and romance for readers who are 18+.  See Smashwords website.