Chris Kalyta
adult stories of adventure and romance
Part of a Series?

January 2015
erotic semi-sequel to Holly's Winter 
In this sweet fantasy/romance, Alexandra's social life is going nowhere, despite the efforts of her best friend.  So, when she finds a magic book in the University of Toronto library and it has instructions on how to make a love potion she jumps at the chance to spice up her life.  At last, that grad student she's had her eye on will look at her in exactly the way she wants him to.  After all, don't love potions always make things better? 18+  see Smashwords website

March 2015 
first story in a series 
It's 3600 B.C. and Imhotep, the Egyptian king's chief advisor, is given a tough choice.  The queen has declared that he must choose a wife from among three women that she has selected for him, and that the two cast-offs will be put to death.  Now Imhotep must somehow decide the fates of three women that he has never before met, and all the while an ancient and supernatural power conspires with a treacherous queen!  This book is an erotic semi-historical fantasy.  18+  see Smashwords website or Yellow Silk Dreams

January or February 2015 
non-erotic, not part of a series 
Madeline's diary details her life during the period when her doting and over-protective father removed her from safe and cultured Victorian England to the exotic and ancient land of Egypt.  While he and his associates search for the lost tomb of an early pharaoh, Madeline makes her own startling discoveries about the long-forgotten past, and who she is and what she wants from life.  see Smashwords website

April 2015 
erotic sequel to Three Jewels 
In 3600 B.C., palace guard Horu-temp is sent on a suicide mission.  His path crosses that of the beautiful, younger sister of a treacherous former queen of Egypt and her lovely slave.  The adventure they find themselves immersed in will have a profound effect upon each of them, if they survive.  18+  see Smashwords website or Yellow Silk Dreams

March 2014
non-erotic, not part of a series 
During World War 1 a Canadian pilot is shot down in occupied France.  He must somehow repair his aircraft before the Germans find him and the lovely farmer's wife who is sheltering him.

August 2012 
one of the sequels to Holly's Winter 
A human woman who became an elf struggles to understand her new identity.  She encounters goblins, adventure, romance and danger.  18+  see Smashwords website or Yellow Silk Dreams

September 2012 
first story in a series, each with a different protagonist 
Holly is a nice, young woman who gets offered a chance to stay with Santa for a while.  But elven magic is disappearing from our world and threatens to ends Christmas forever.  Can Holly love Santa Clause and save her dearest friends?  18+  see Smashwords website

March 2013
first story in the War of 1812 erotic/adventure/romance series 
During the War of 1812, a British lieutenant is nursed back to health by the lovely, young daughter of an Upper Canadian doctor.  He finds himself falling for both the vivacious and very accessible woman and her more mature an thoughtful maid.  Who will he choose?  18+  See Smashwords website or Yellow Silk Dreams

June 2017 
sequel to The Doctor's Daughter 
In this sequel to The Doctor's Daughter, Lawrence and Abigail have just found each other when her father forbids the two from having any further interactions.  As winter approaches and the English and American armies settle in, the two must find a way to change the mind of Doctor Aimes and also unmask a spy before any more innocents are slain.  An erotic adventure and romance for readers 18+.